A Tale of Woe and How Barlow Irvin’s Jade Winstanley Came to The Rescue


As most of us are returning to work, have you thought how we would have coped if the furlough system was not in place? How would we have been able to pay bills or take advantage of the new eating out discount in August? What if you were unable to work due to sickness or injury? There is no furlough scheme for this, and statutory sick pay is now £95.85 per week. Would this be enough to pay for all your outgoings? Not every company offers sick pay and many of those that do are at the managers’ discretion as to how much and what they pay.
Jade Winstanley is our Protection Specialist and one of her clients, Tim, knows all about this.  Jade met up with Tim in January to discuss what protection he would need for his partner and two young boys. He is a director of his own blinds company and is the face of the company and does all of the fitting and surveys. As he had no protection in place, Jade advised that he should consider Income Protection and explained the reasons why.  After a period of not being able to work due COVID-19, Tim returned to work at the start of July.  Unfortunately, on the 7th July, Tim was rushed to Accident and Emergency following a fall from a ladder. He underwent a full body CT scan, blood tests and X-rays and a seven-hour operation on an open right distal humerus fracture. The surgeon inserted three plates and multiple screws were needed to hold his elbow in place, which had been completely shattered.
Tim is unable to return to work until his arm has completed healed.  Jade received a call on the 8th July and processed the claim on Tim’s behalf with the insurer.  He had also taken out facture cover, which is an additional cover which means that her has already been paid a lump sum of £2,500 and is now waiting for his regular monthly income payments.
You may think that it will never happen to you, but all it takes is one little accident to be out of work for months or maybe even years. This cover will ensure you and your family’s lifestyle will be able to continue however long it takes to recover.
Rest assured we are here to help. If you have any questions about existing protection policies or you are considering new ones – please get in touch with Jade on 01204 304814 or at: office@barlow-irvin.co.uk, we can help ensure your protection needs are covered.

For more information about the different types of cover we can assist with find out more here.

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