Are You Aware Of The Risk Of Being Underinsured?


With government guidelines stating to work from home wherever possible and following Christmas – have you ever counted the value of your contents and belongings – it might just surprise you.  Do you know how much you are covered for?  Would that cover ALL of your belongings?  Why not take a few minutes out of your lockdown life to calculate exactly how much you need to be covered for – even down to your new socks that your aunty bought you for Christmas.  

Are you aware of the risk of being underinsured?  When inputting your details into comparison websites, have you wondered why the premiums are lower?  Well, I can tell you – its because the cover levels are more than likely going to be insufficient for your needs.  They often provide a standard amount of cover for contents that cannot be changed, which could make you be underinsured.  For example – Mr Smith has £100,000 worth of contents, but on his policy his contents sum insured is only £50,000.  If he were to make a claim, do you think he would receive the £50,000 he has been paying for?  The answer, I am afraid is no he will not. Insurers will look at this in different ways, but many will only pay out 50% of the claim, as they will view this as Mr Smith only insuring half of the value of his contents.    

I’m sure that at Christmas, as different as it was this year, you received some lovely gifts, but have you advised your insurer of the value of them and increased your cover levels as appropriate – any items with a high value need to be stated individually – and also covered away from the home.  Take a few minutes now to check your cover levels – I am always here to help if you need me.

Rest assured we are here to help. If you have any questions about existing protection policies or you are considering new ones – please get in touch with Jade on 01204 304814 or at:, we can help ensure your protection needs are covered.

For more information about the different types of cover we can assist with find out more here.

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