Baby Loss Awareness week


Barlow Irvin’s Protection Specialist, Jade Winstanley, is here to help.  9th to 15th October marks Baby Loss Awareness Week.  Jade shares a friend’s experience!

One in 80 woman experience Ectopic Pregnancies*. This statistic hit home with me, and so I thought I would share with you Becky’s experience.  At seven weeks pregnant, she started bleeding, she went to the hospital and saw the heartbeat on the scan.  She felt happy seeing the heartbeat and went home but continued to feel ill.  Becky deteriorated and was rushed into hospital where it was discovered that not only was she pregnant with twins, but  that her pregnancy was ectopic. 

Luckily, Becky is still here to tell the tale, but not everyone is as fortunate.  She was a couple of hours away from a very different ending. Happily, Becky went on to have her “Rainbow” baby who is now 13 years old, but it took its toll on the whole family.

Providers are now more aware than ever of the physical and mental issues that surround the loss of a baby and are able to offer financial help, counselling, and resources for both parents.   We talk a lot about the effect that the loss of a baby can have on the mother, but fathers are as much affected by this terrible loss.

Here at Barlow Irvin, we all lit our candles for the Wave of Light and remembered the babies that never made it into their parents’ arms.

If you would like to talk about the cover we can provide in this area, call Jade Winstanley, our Protection Specialist, on 01204 304814 or 07985 151902. *(Miscarriage Association). 

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