Celebrating the men in our lives


Barlow Irvin’s Protection Specialist, Jade Winstanley, is always here to help. This month Jade celebrates the men in our life and as we have just celebrated Father’s Day, we should keep them healthy as well as happy.

According to studies in 2017*, life expectancy for men was 76.1 years, while life expectancy for woman reached 81.8 years.  Therefore, we need our dads and the men in our lives to take extra special care of themselves.

The common health problems in men to watch out for are:

Heart Disease



Erectile Dysfunction

Low Testosterone


If you are worried about any of these conditions and can’t get an appointment to see your GP, many of our providers offer virtual online appointments.  Why not give our Protection Specialist, Jade Winstanley, a call on 01204 304814 for a chat to discuss the range of insurance options available to you and your family.

*Mission Health

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