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Barlow Irvin Financial Services Protection Specialist, Jade Winstanley knows only too well that we just never know what’s around the corner. Here, she follows on with her theme of cost cutting and when it gets to this time of year, many people start to look at their outgoings, asking themselves, do I really need to be paying for this?

If this is you, then please do not think about cancelling your house or life insurance before speaking to your adviser. This could well be a false economy. Having buildings insurance is a condition of your mortgage, so you need to make sure this is always in place. Also, think about whether you would you be able to replace any damaged items or even rebuild your house should the worst happen?

With life insurance, critical illness, or income protection, think about the reason you took this out in the first place. It was to make sure you and your family could maintain your standard of living if anything happened to you. People think this will not happen to them, and I really hope it does not, but with stats* on cancer say it effects one in two people in your lifetime. We all know someone that has been affected by something like this. Could you image how you would feel if you had been sensible in setting up cover and then cancelling it, and something was to happen. If money is something you are worried about before an illness, injury, or death in the family, then imagine not having an income and no insurance funds!

If anyone is struggling on the run up to Christmas, and wants to review their insurance, it is a free service. Rather than cancelling it, speak to someone to see what options you have, we may be able to restructure your cover, so even if you do need to reduce your outgoings, you are not left completely unprotected.

Please give Barlow Irvin’s Protection Specialist, Jade, a call on 01204 304814 or contact her through our website to chat through your requirements.

*Cancer Research

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