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Barlow Irvin’s Protection Specialist, Jade Winstanley, is always here to help.  This month Jade is excited to announce that we now offer life insurance for British citizens living overseas and foreign nationals living in the UK.

The world of insurance is constantly evolving, with new products coming onto the market. Well, we are now able to offer life insurance for British citizens living overseas and also foreign nationals living in the UK without permanent right to remain.

For example, there are millions of British Citizens who work and live abroad, while their families are still in the UK. We are now able to offer cover to ensure their families are protected should anything happen. Many insurance companies are not able to offer cover in these circumstances, but thanks to our relationship with our providers, we now have the ability to offer this. This cover is used to protect the mortgage on your family home, buy to let mortgages and other financial responsibilities.

Foreign nationals who are living in the UK, but do not yet have permanent right to reside, can now apply for cover. We have a number of clients in this situation and feel that being able to assist them in protecting their families is vitally important, so we are delighted to be able to now offer this cover for them as well.

Give Jade a call on 01204 304814 or contact her through our website to chat through your requirements.

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