Get a review of your insurance policy – here’s why


Get a review of your insurance policy – here’s why

Barlow Irvin Financial Services Protection Specialist, Jade Winstanley, recently reviewed one of her new client’s life and critical illness policies. They had a decreasing term policy from when they purchased their first property.

During a full review Jade was told that the client had skin cancer in 2016. Jade asked if she had ever claimed on the policy. She said not, as she didn’t think she was able to as the surgeon had already removed the cancer, and she didn’t have to have any chemotherapy or radiotherapy. After having seen her skin consultant, she was given the all-clear.

Upon reviewing her medical history from her GP notes and speaking to her insurance provider, Jade was able to make a claim. A few days later the claim was accepted, not only was it accepted but they agreed to pay the lump sum from when she was diagnosed in 2016 and returned the premiums, she had over-paid!

Jade’s new client is over the moon, she received a payment she didn’t even know she could claim on! This is not uncommon for people to think that they can’t claim on a policy. The service Barlow Irvin Financial Services offers isn’t just offering new policies but reviewing the current policies too.

Please get in touch with Jade on 01204 304 814 if you feel that you would like a review of your insurance policies – it’s all part of our services!

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