Why is Protection Needed for First-Time Buyers?


With the fantastic news from the budget last week about 5% deposits there has never been a better time to be a first-time buyer.  When borrowing at 95% of the value of your potential home financial planning is a necessity.  First-time buyers need to be aware that although this is an exciting time, there is also a need for protection.  Whether you are buying for the first time as part of a couple or alone, you need to now think about how your insurance needs might change.  You will need insurance for the building itself, for your belongings and even for yourself. 

Barlow Irvin’s Protection Specialist, Jade Winstanley, is here to help.  She can provide an instant quote to help you keep your home should anything untoward happen.  Cover includes covering your mortgage payments should you become too ill to work, which will provide you with the breathing space that you may need to heal.  That’s got to be worth a phone call – hasn’t it?  Call Jade on 01204 304 814.

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