The Benefits of Insurance Policies


As we are now right in the middle of lockdown 2.0, these uncertain times are great strains on people’s mental health.

Quite a few of our insurance providers are offering various helplines that are included in their policies free of charge.

These services come from an outsourced provider and will never be fed back to the insurance provider, therefore staying confidential. Most providers will cover anyone in the household whether are the policyholder or not, so your entire family can take advantage of this help if required.  Examples of these services are:

Medical helpline

Healthcare professionals will answer any questions you might have about your general health. They can also give you advice on things like stopping smoking, holiday vaccinations or hospital waiting times in your area.

Legal helpline

If you are seriously ill or have been bereaved, you might find you need legal guidance to help you deal with difficult situations. This gives you access to legal professionals who can answer questions on things like your employment rights, wills and probate or inheritance tax.

Career helpline

If your health has changed or you have been made unemployed, the thought of making a career change can be daunting. A professional can guide you back into work by giving you advice on how to widen your skills, research the job market and write a great CV.

Time to talk?

If you would like to speak to our Protection Specialist, Jade Winstanley, please give her a call on 01204 304 814.  Jade can discuss your needs and find you the best insurance policy to protect you and your family.

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