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The first specialist buy-to-let mortgage was launched in 1996! Can you remember where you were or what you were doing 25 years ago?  The Barlow Irvin team takes you down memory lane….

Gary Oxborough

I turned 26 in the summer of 1996, so like most 20 something lads of that time, the main event of that year was Euro 1996. I wasn’t around when the 1966 World Cup was played in England, so this was the first time a major football tournament had been played in our country and we also thought we had a chance of winning it. I was single and still living with my parents, so I had almost no responsibilities and that meant that it was probably the best summer of my life at that point.

I was also heavily involved in basketball at that time, both as a player and coach. I distinctly remember, that this meant that I missed probably the best match of the tournament, certainly from an England perspective, when we beat Holland 4-1 due to a basketball game clashing with the football.

The world of financial advice was something I started to get involved in the following year, so the advent of the Buy to Let mortgage completely passed me by!

Kath Brady

I was in year 10 and working towards my GCSE’s.

Buy-to-let was officially launched by the Association of Residential Letting Agents on 24 September 1996.

Becky Morphet

I bought my first home and the day we moved in we had a row in the street!

Claire Walsh

I was studying at Holy Family 6th form college and making new friends. I had a fab social life, and piercings.  I also performed in the King & I and The Tempest.

Jade Winstanley

I was only 7 years old.  From memory I was probably just riding my bike around the street.

Kishan Darji

I was only 1 year old!

Kate McDonough

I wasn’t born until 2002!

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