How to save money on your energy bills


Along with mortgage rates, this is one of the hottest topics for everyone right now. John Betton, an energy broker friend of ours, gives us his checklist of how we can all save energy, reduce costs and help the environment.

  • Turn your combi boiler down to 60 degrees – check this out        
  • Unplug items on stand by
  • Unplug mobile phone charges when not in use
  • Replace bulbs to energy saving bulbs
  • Cooking, use microwaves/air fryers – rather than an oven
  • Check for drafts
  • Close internal doors
  • Use draft excluders behind doors
  • Turn off lights in empty rooms
  • Reduce the time you spend in the shower
  • Use hot water bottles and electric blankets for the night time

If you would like to talk to John about your energy bills and see if he can save you money, he can be contacted at

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