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After consultation with our team we have all decided to reduce our working week to four days. Why would we allow my employees to work only 4 days a week? Won’t our business suffer as a result?  

We have looked into various case studies and research papers and there is overwhelming evidence that not only did employees maintain the same productivity level, but they also showed improvements in job satisfaction, teamwork, work/life balance, company loyalty and reduced stress levels. 

We would add that our excellent levels of customer service will remain the same and our team will be on-hand Monday to Friday, and days each member of our team are not working is staggered, so the office will be manned as usual, as we continue to offer our award-winning mortgage and protection service.

If you haven’t met any of our team yet here they are from left to right; Kath, Becky, Jade, Gary (who thinks he’s the boss but we know otherwise), Claire, Kate and Kish.

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